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Antonia is an award-winning portrait artist whose ability to recognize the individuality in her subjects is her 'stock and trade.' Antonia's philosophy of portraiture is summarized in her statement: "A portrait is not only the likeness of a person, but a glimpse into the personality as well. I love to capture that 'tilt of the head'; that momentary expression or flash of mischief which only my subject has, and which makes that person unique."

"Something wonderful happens to me all the time; it keeps me going and is my gauge of success. It is when my client, filled with emotion, says to me, for instance, 'Antonia, that is my Dad! You've captured him!' That client's reaction is my reward. I know then that I've captured not only the likeness but also the essence of their loved one. That ability, to bring joy to my clients, is what makes me love my work."